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New AirSep External Power Cartridge and Charger

Posted by Duke on May 29, 2014 3:33:00 PM

AirSep External Batteries and External Charger

AirSep has been a leading innovator in the oxygen concentrator industry. They brought you the first oxygen concentrator under 5 pounds (AirSep Freestyle), the first oxygen concentrator under 2 pounds (AirSep Focus), and the lightest full-capacity portable oxygen concentrator (AirSep Freestyle 5). 

This time around they are not releasing a new portable oxygen concentrator, however, they did release a brand new external battery and external charger combo. The battery and charger combo will work for all 3 AirSep portable oxygen concentrators. Here are the specifications and features of the new AirSep battery and external battery charger combo:

AirSep External Battery and Charger Combo Features:

  • New lightweight alternative to the AirSep AirBelt battery
  • External charger can charge 2 batteries simultaneously
  • Built-in belt clip for easy wearability
  • Fully charges battery is 5 hours or less
  • Easy-access battery gauge displays remaining charge
  • Easy-to-read light system on charger

AirSep Focus Expected Battery Life:

Setting Expected Battery Life
2 3.5 Hours

Note: Focus adapter cable must be purchased separately to use the external battery with the Focus.

AirSep Freestyle Expected Battery Life:

Setting Expected Battery Life including Internal Battery
1 10 Hours
2 6 Hours
3 5 Hours

AirSep Freestyle 5 Expected Battery Life:

Setting Expected Battery Life including Internal Battery
1 7 Hours
2 4 Hours
3 3 Hours
4 2.5 Hours
5 2 Hours

If you already have one of AirSep's portable oxygen concentrators you have the AirBelt battery or the AirSep Focus external battery. With the new battery and external charger combo, you will have another option to power your concentrator with. Some patients might like these batteries better than the AirBelt because you do not have to wear it around your waist. 

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