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AirSep FreeStyle 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review

Posted by Caleb Umstead on Jun 9, 2014 4:00:00 PM

AirSep FreeStyle 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

On this section of our reviews we will be discussing and going over the AirSep FreeStyle 5 portable oxygen concentrator, brought to you by Chart Industries. The FreeStyle 5 is a versatile machine, that offers extreme portability as well as a battery life that will keep up with all of life's demands.

AirSep FreeStyle 5

When deciding on a portable oxygen concentrator the amount the unit weighs may be a huge deciding factor.

Which is one of the reasons why the AirSep FreeStyle 5 is such a successful oxygen concentrator, with a total weight of 6.2 lbs you will never have to worry about being weighed down.

The FreeStyle 5 is extremely compact with dimensions of 10.7" H x 6.6" W x 4.4" D, the unit can easily be stowed in the front seat of a car, or even underneath your seat on a plane.

The AirSep FreeStyle 5 has approval from the FAA for in flight use.

When traveling with the FreeStyle 5 effortlessly and fashionably protect and carry the unit with the included carrying case, the case also has an adjustable shoulder strap to maximize comfort.

For further comfort when away from home, the optional harness makes the carrying case turn into a stylish backpack.

Ultra Sense Technology is what makes the FreeStyle 5 excel past the rest of the competition, Ultra Sense delivers a pulse dose flow more sensitive than the competition.

The Ultra Sense Technology will also outperform the competition in the sense that it can deliver a reliable pulse dose  of oxygen using a 25 ft. nasal cannula, assuring you are receiving your proper amount of oxygen and letting you go where you want.  


  • FAA approved
  • Extremely light at 6.2 lbs
  • 3 power options: Rechargeable battery, AC/DC power
  • External battery belt for increased time between charges; Only weighs 1.8 lbs
  • Carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap


Battery Life

When discussing the battery life for the AirSep FreeStyle 5 it must be noted that there are two options for battery power, the first is the built-in internal battery that can produce up to 3 hours of battery life alone, and the second being the external battery belt that can add up to an additional 4 hours of battery life.

The battery belt adds extra convenience for patients because it adds additional battery life that is worn easily, and comfortably around the waist.

The battery belt will only add an additional 1.8 lbs so you will hardly notice you're wearing it.

Recharge Quickly and Conveniently 

When the time comes to recharge your battery expect around 3 hours for it to become fully recharged.

The AirSep FreeStyle 5 gives you multiple options to recharge the batteries. The first method is to use the AC power supply through a standard U.S. wall outlet.

The second option is perfect for long road trips, the AC power supply easily converts into a DC power supply that can plugged into the car through the cigarette lighter outlet.

Below is the approximated battery life on each setting, the duration of the battery strictly depends on the flow and the frequency of being used.

Pulse Flow Setting Internal Battery External Battery Total Battery Life
1 Up to 3 Hours Up to 4 Hours Up to 7 Hours
2 Up to 2 Hours Up to 2.5 Hours Up to 4.5 Hours
3 Up to 1.5 Hours Up to 2 Hours Up to 3.5 Hours
4 Up to 1.25 Hours Up to 1.75 Hours Up to 3 Hours
5 Up to 1 Hour Up to 1 Hour Up to 2 Hours


Overall the AirSep FreeStyle 5 is an extremely reliable portable oxygen concentrator, the lack of weight makes this the perfect portable oxygen concentrator that allows you to travel, garden, see a movie, exercise, plant a garden and so much more!

With up to 7 hours of battery life with the additional AirBelt the thought of running out of oxygen on the go is a thing of the past.

With the help of the AirSep FreeStyle 5 you will regain your freedoms and improve your overall quality of life!

Give us a call at 1-888-370-0599 to speak with a respiratory specialist about ordering the AirSep FreeStyle 5 portable oxygen concentrator at the guaranteed lowest price!

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