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The Inogen One G4- It's A Small Wonder!

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Aug 3, 2021 10:07:08 AM



InogenOne G4

The Inogen One G4  is the smallest and lightest concentrator on the market today. The G5 weighs just 3.3 pounds and is incredibly small and compact. Despite it’s small size it does not sacrifice performance!

The G4 offers pulse settings from 1 - 3. Its double battery, though small and light, can provide up to 5 hours of battery life on a setting of 2. Its portability and incredible performance make it a customer favorite.

Perfect for the Active Oxygen User

The G4 is the ideal choice for those that still want to live an active, independent life and for those who have a passion for travel. The G4 is 5.94 inches wide. That’s less than the length of a dollar bill! And it’s just 2.68 inches deep. Even with the extended life double battery the concentrator is just over 8 inches tall. That's around the size of a paperback novel!

The concentrator can be carried with the comfortable shoulder strap, or can also be carried with a convenient waste pack. The waste pack distributes the weight across your hips to reduce fatigue and eliminate neck or shoulder strain.

Comes with Everything You Need

The G4 comes equipped with everything you need to start traveling or leading a more active life today. The box contains:

  • The G4 Concentrator
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • A/C Power Supply
  • D/C Power Supply
  • Battery- Either single or double battery, depending on the package you purchase.
  • Cannula and Tubing
  • 3 Year Warranty


Ideal for Air Travel

Most airlines require oxygen users to have at least 150% battery life as compared to flight time. For instance, if you are on a 3 hour flight you will be required to have 4 ½ hours of battery life. With the long lasting battery for the G4, oxygen users can fly coast to coast, or even internationally, with just a couple of batteries. 

It’s easy and light to tote through airports. While you’re waiting for your flight to board you can plug the A/C power supply into any wall outlet to charge the battery and run the machine before you board your flight so you’ll have maximum battery life in the air. With business travelers trying to remain productive while flying, more and more planes are being equipped with outlets as well. 

You’ll have no worries at the security checkpoint either. If you can disconnect from your concentrator, go ahead and place it on the x-ray belt. It’s perfectly safe for your machine. If you require constant oxygen, just let the TSA agent know. You’ll be led to a private area where you will have a wand inspection. 

Be sure to check with your airline to find out what their requirements are for concentrator use in the air. Flight attendants are used to seeing these devices and you shouldn’t have any issues. Many airlines want either a copy of your oxygen prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that it is safe for you to travel. Be sure to check in plenty of time so that you'll have time to get necessary documentation.

The G4 is so small it can easily fit under your seat, or even in the seat pocket in front of you.

If you enjoy a road trip or love touring in your RV, the G4 is the perfect concentrator for you! You can literally drive coast to coast without worrying about running out of oxygen. Simply plug the D/C power supply into the cigarette lighter, or other D/C power port. 

Be sure to start the car before plugging the unit in and never leave it plugged in while the engine is off.

While driving be sure that the exhaust vents are unobstructed. Make sure that they are not leaning up against the seat cushion and never place your jacket or other items near the vents. This could cause your machine to overheat.

When traveling, never leave the concentrator in the car for extended periods. Extreme temperatures or humidity can harm the electronics or sieve beds.


24 Hour Oxygen Solution

If you’re required to use oxygen while you sleep, the advanced technology of the G4 will ensure that you remain properly titrated. As we drift off to sleep, our breathing naturally slows and becomes shallower. The G4 is equipped with what is known as intelligent delivery. It’s also sometimes called sleep mode. This means that the machine will automatically sense changes in breathing and adjust to compensate to maintain oxygen saturation.

It’s important to note that if you are required to use a CPAP or BiPAP device, you will need a device that offers continuous flow. As the Inogen One G4 only has pulse flow, it’s not compatible with those devices. 


Easy to Care For

Portable oxygen concentrators are extremely easy to care for. 

Unobstructed air flow is essential for proper operation of any concentrator. Be sure to clean both the intake filters and exhaust filters once a week. This can be done by removing the intake filters and rinsing them with warm soapy water. You can also use a soft bristle brush to scrub gently. Be sure to rinse well and let the filter completely dry before reinstalling.  

Use a slightly damp q-tip to clean the exhaust vents to ensure they are free from dust or debris.

To avoid illness it’s essential that you keep your cannula clean and change it every 4-5 weeks. Change out your cannula and tubing immediately if you’ve been ill. Clean the cannula stem and nose prongs with an alcohol prep pad daily. 

You should also clean your cannula once a week. Soak the cannula in warm, soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly and hang it up to dry completely before use. You can also soak the cannula in water with a tablespoon of vinegar. Vinegar has antiseptic properties. Again, be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly before use.

One of the most common maintenance tasks on any concentrator is changing the sieve beds. Depending how often you use your concentrator your sieve beds will need to be changed roughly once a year. Your concentrator will give you a warning that says, “Replace Column”. Once you get the error you can continue using the concentrator as normal. This warning means that you need to replace the columns within 30 days. Just give us a call at 1-800-520-5726 and we’ll get a new column sent out to you right away. You’ll get them in plenty of time.

The convenient thing about the Inogen machines is that the user can change the column on their own without having to send the machine in for service. There are no tools required and the whole process takes only minutes to complete. The columns come with step by step instructions or we have put together an easy to follow video to show you how.



Keeping Sieve Beds and Batteries Healthy

Medical Sieve looks like very fine sand. As ambient air is drawn into the concentrator oxygen molecules can pass through the sieve while nitrogen and other gasses are larger so they get trapped in the sieve while oxygen is delivered via cannula to the patient. You’ve likely seen sand that has gotten damp or that has had time to settle in a jar. It clumps up and gets packed down. The same thing happens to sieve that has been in a damp environment or been allowed to sit for long periods of time. This degrades its ability to properly filter out nitrogen and other gasses from the air.

Many people use their concentrators every day while others prefer to use theirs only when traveling. If you don’t want to use your concentrator every day be sure to store it in a climate controlled area that is as dry as possible. Letting it sit in humidity will cause the sieve beds to wear out quickly. Be sure to run the concentrator at least once a month. This keeps the electronics from degrading and will also help to maintain the quality of the sieve. 

Running the concentrator monthly is also important for the health of the batteries. Never let batteries sit completely depleted. This will affect their ability to hold a charge. Charge your battery and take the concentrator out with you for the day and let it run until the battery runs all the way out. Once it’s depleted, charge it completely before returning to storage.

If you let your car battery sit for an extended period, the battery will likely die. Depending on how long it has been sitting, you may be able to jump start it and charge it again, but if it has been too long the battery cell may be dead and unable to hold a charge. The same principle applies here.


A Customer Favorite

Many of our customers who have purchased the G4 have raved about it and have said that the concentrator really gave them more freedom to travel and lead more active lives. They’ve especially enjoyed it’s compact size, light weight, and extensive battery life. You’ll find us mentioned on Google, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau reviews. Patients have sent us many video reviews, you can see one below. You can also check out our 1st Class Medical Review Page.


If you have any questions about the G4 you can speak to one of our respiratory specialists at 1-800-520-5726. They will help you to decide if the Inogen One G4 is the best choice for your medical needs and lifestyle expectations. As a preferred dealer we receive special pricing that allows us to pass those savings along to our customers. We’ve helped more than 40,000 oxygen patients live the full and independent lives that they deserve.


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