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Hear What Some of Our Customers Are Saying About Us

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This page is dedicated to the most important people in our company, YOU! We take customer feedback very seriously! You can click the links above to read our reviews on the Better Business Bureau where we have an A+ Rating or on Google Reviews where nearly 200 customers have spoken about their experience with 1st Class Medical. You can also scroll though this page to read reviews and even watch videos that our customers have made to share with others how 1st Class Medical treated them before, during, and after the sale!


Betty and the GCE ZenO


Donna and the Inogen One G5


"1st Class Medical is first class in every respect. I purchased my concentrator, utility bag and backpack at a

very competitive price; moreover, my products were carefully packaged and shipped within days. I could not be more

pleased with 1st Class Medical and would recommend them to anyone in need of their products and services."

Terry M.


" I have the G3 portable O2 maker and I love it. It's not that heavy, easy to use and small. I also get

compliments from people that they cannot get over how quiet it is. There are others that have a

different company's model and ask where I got mine."

Mike M.



John and the Respironics SimplyGo


Grant and the Inogen One G5


" Such delightful people to deal with. I would gladly recommend them to anyone!

I really needed my machine quickly and before I knew it, it was 

being delivered. Good Company!

Naomi K.


"Awesome machine for my father. It gave him mobility and he loves it.

The service and purchase was outstanding. I recommend this

company to all. Thank you 1st Class Medical."

Tammy D.



Joanne and the Inogen One G5


" Excellent service. They took extra time to answer all of my questions, worked to fill my needs 

quickly and they were a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them."

Mike J.


"1st Class has been just that for us. During the last 10 years we have gotten outstanding

service. Fair and equitable trade in and superior warranty repairs that were handled immediately."

Nina A.



Sandy and the Inogen One G5


" I love my portable oxygen concentrator. The salesperson who helped me spent

3 long phone calls explaining how it works. I received it in 3 days after order

was confirmed. now I can go out of town on trips. I love my unit. Thank you 1st Class Medical!"

Sandra I.


"I needed an oxygen generator for a trip to the Andes Mountains in Peru which has an

elevation of 11,500 feet. Since I have COPD, I knew I would need some assistance to keep oxygen

levels up. The Inogen unit I purchased did just what I required. 1st Class Medical was very

helpful in choosing the right unit for my needs. I would highly recommend them

to anyone who needs portable oxygen."

Donna P.



Sam and the Inogen One G4


" The sales person made sure you were purchasing the product you needed and priced

at a fair price. And the customer service was beyond expectation. I would recommend

this company to anyone needing oxygen. Above and beyond what I expected."

Warren L.


"The staff was fabulous at 1st Class Medical. Just having the home concentrator was no longer

enough and we decided to buy the Inogen without waiting for insurance. Every person we talked

with was very professional and took time to answer all our questions. The inogen arrived quickly. It has

been such a blessing to have when we travel or when I need it in order to do some outside activities.

I definitely will continue to recommend them to others needing some type of concentrator."

Wanda W.



Barry and the Inogen One G5


"1st Class Medical has been a company I have used for many years, beginning in CO and now I am in AZ.

I completely worked one Inogen One G2 POC until it couldn't run anymore and now I have a smaller

Inogen G3 that is lighter but provides more air than the other for longer periods. It has been very useful as

my husband and I travel extensively and I am required to use the POC's while in flight. I have used

these POCs heavily over the years. 1st Class Medical has always answered any questions or concerns

I may have right away and provided me with the equipment I have needed quite readily

and fast. I would recommend them to anyone needing oxygen equipment."

Rene C.


"1st Class is a great way to start. Purchase was easy and product arrived when stated. All in working

order and after the first use my wife was so really happy and impressed with the machine. Light

and super quality. Been a year and best purchase ever made. Freedom of mobility is now normal.

Inogen 4 was our purchase. Love it."

Danny M.



Erla and the Inogen One G3


"My husband purchased a portable Inogen over 2 years ago, we love it! Also purchased

a second battery which is a must, how often we are out longer than expected and when the

first one runs out we just switch to the second. Easy and simple and gives Cliff the freedom

to enjoy life. Thank you 1st Class Medical for your professional caring service"

Dana K.


" I purchased my portable concentrator two years ago and it has worked flawlessly. I have

never had any issues. I highly recommend this concentrator to anyone looking

for a lightweight, dependable oxygen concentrator."

Michael S.



Grant and the Inogen One G5


"I have nothing but good experiences with 1st Class Medical. These units, both the in-home concentrators

and the portable concentrators, are most definitely a rather large investment, especially if you're like

me with no insurance. I am grateful for this company who not only sells units, but refurbished ones as well,

with warranties, so that people like me can get the ease of oxygen-on-the-go. And they work on your units instead

of telling you that they no longer support that model because they're now on to the latest and greatest, more expensive 

models. They are most definitely my go to company for my oxygen needs. And very friendly as well, I might add."

Angie C.


"I bought my Inogen5 in the Spring. I only use it at night during sleep. I has worked perfectly. It is a great product and my

sleep has improved greatly. I really appreciate the customer service we have received from 1st Class Medical. They have

been helpful with any questions I have had concerning my product. Very please customer."




Myron and the Inogen One G4


"I have been a customer for 10 years. The agents are very knowledgeable, and are quick

to answer any questions you might have. All the equipment I have purchased through

them is top quality, and performs exceptionally."

Jay W.


"I got my portable oxygen machine from 1st Class Medical and have been living and loving my life

ever since. Thank you for making it easy from start to finish you know what I wanted and needed."

Riff Your Heart Out



Jean and the Inogen One G3


"Find that company has what I need and with the right prices. Easy to find

item for my medical problems. Mostly COPD.

John R.


"Very friendly courteous and accurate service during all levels of my order and

how to use it and understand how it works. Very good service.

Will always recommend this company."

Robert T.



Mr. Beig and the Inogen One G4


"The customer service agent was very helpful. Thank you

for helping my wife. I recommend them for all your needs."

Gary B.


I received a great deal on my Inogen One. With my

COPD I need it to accompany my wife on evening walks.

If I need supplies etc I would go to 1st Class Medical for them.

They are first class in my book. I recommend them."

John K



Susan and the Inogen One G3


"I have had excellent and attentive service from 1st Class Medical. For my occupational COPD,

I purchased a Sequal Eclipse 5 in 2013. Last year it needed service and they arranged for

factory service. Based on recommendations from 1st Class Medical, I also have an Inogen One G2

and G5, both of which have been around the world several times. The personnel at 1st Class Medical

are very knowledgeable of their product lines and have very good prices and subsequent

support, if ever needed. I do not hesitate in recommending their services."

Byron R.


"1st Class Medical has always done a great job anytime I need to order

products or if I needed help with something. Very reliable, friendly company"

Judy Y.



Ron and the Inogen One G3


"We have had very good service and pricing with this company.

Have purchased and Inogen Three and an Inogen Five and

have been totally satisfied. Excellent Company."

Bill C.


"I purchased the POC for my husband Richard and he has

been pleased with the results. This machine is great and now he

can go more places and not worry about running out of oxygen."

Connie I.



Isabel and the Inogen One G4


"I got one portable unit for my mother, Inogen G3 and the process of purchasing and

shipping to home was very smooth and on time. The unit works great when traveling or

just for going out for a walk. It is a good trustful company to do business with. I would

do it again and take advantage of the special offers they have from time to time. "

J.J. V.


"1st Class Medical has outstanding customer service. They are very well informed

about the products and help you to find the best fit for your lifestyle. They offer a

great trade-in service if you decide to upgrade. My Inogen portable oxygen

machine has given me the freedom to go everywhere."

Gail C.



Bob and the Inogen One G4


"FANTASTIC and Trustworthy company to do business with. Have purchased O2 Concentrator

for both my Mother and my husband, was extremely happy with both! I also purchased a

portable O2 concentrator for my Mother, which we couldn't live without. Will never use

another company for our oxygen needs. They are honest, reliable and helpful!"

Eloise V.


"First class medical helped me tremendously. They were very prompt with calls

back to me and worked very hard to get all the paperwork into my insurance

company timely that my out of pocket was very low. Thanks so much!"

Mike F.



Ken and the Sequal Eclipse 5


"I purchased an Inogen POC three years ago and bought the extended warranty. I am very pleased

with the performance of my equipment and the pleasant and immediate responsiveness

of the 1st Class Medical whenever I have need for maintenance of my equipment."

Frances O.


"Things were so easy dealing with 1st Class Medical. The staff was very helpful, kind and courteous.

They were very knowledgeable about oxygen concentrators. I would refer anyone to this company.

Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work! I purchased an Inogen One and love it

very much. I don't worry now when leaving home...I can still breathe!"

William M.



Raydene and the Inogen One G3


"A great, dependable company with excellent product and exceptional support and

follow-through. Very patient and helpful staff if there are questions, and a minor repair

had a remarkable three day turnaround. 1st Class Medical is the perfect place to contact

to help you make an important decision like an oxygen machine."

Judith K.


"This company was recommended by the manufacturer for warranty-covered

repairs on my Simply Go Respironics unit. It involved shipping the unit to

a neighboring state, and  1st Class Medical sent me a FedEx label and covered shipping

cost both ways. Repairs were prompt! and thorough. When I phoned, Beth picked up the

phone in person-- no garbage about talking to a recording with endless options. She was

courteous, and got things done. I recommend this company highly."

Happy in Nevada



Gary and the Inogen One G3


"I'm pleased with all the products I have purchased and the

service I received from ALL their personnel (especially Curtis)!

They appear to be quality people and products!"

Rex K.


"Live out of state. Called, easy to get in touch with. Discussed options

for a stationary concentrator, ordered the machine, they were

able to use the prescription on file my grandma had from a couple of

years ago, paid and shipped. No issues. Very easy process."

Jane S.



Teresa and the Sequal Eclipse 5


"I bought my Inogen One 5 years ago. I bought it because I had been diagnosed with

Interstitial lung disease. My family planned a trip to Europe which meant a long airplane

flight at a high altitude. My doctor requested an arterial oxygen blood test. With the results, he

recommended I rent or purchase an oxygen concentrator for the trip. After checking

the rental price, I decided to use the money to purchase one instead. I was very happy with

the convenience of the unit while traveling. I have used it over the years as needed.

The company has always been helpful with any advice or questions.

Sharon W.


"I have found 1st Class Medical a very good place to work with. I bought my Inogen G3 POC

from them, and then later sent in an older POC  for repair. Both times they were prompt

and very good price. I would recommend them."

Forrest R.



Victoria and the Inogen One G3


"I have been dealing with 1st Class for almost 10 years and have never been disappointed

with the equipment they provide or the service they have given."

Lee B.


"I had a great experience with 1st Class Medical. I have COPD and was close to

the Oregon fires breathing smoke and packing to get ready to move to Michigan.

Also knowing I'd be driving through California smoke. I called them, they got a

hold of my primary and overnighted it to me. They were great!"

Donna P.



Denton and the Inogen One G4


"We purchased an Inogen G3 from 1st Class Medical over 2 years ago. The one time I have

called them over a 2 year period, they have been excellent in handling our request and each

person I spoke with were very professional and helped me out with the small problem

without any hesitation or delays. I can only add that I would return to them without

hesitation if we need service or info to keep our G3 in good working order."

Buddy B.


"I was investigating firms to purchase a concentrator after renting one when I flew

to Europe and had to have one for a long plane ride. 1st Class Medical was one of the

firms I was talking to. After several months, they offered a sale price and I jumped at

the price - knowing both the product (Inogen) and the reputation of the product.

1st Class Medical delivered the goods. I was and still am, pleased with experience. "

John B.



Harry and Marianne and the Simply Go


"Everybody was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect from the decision

to purchase the Inogen 1 G4 through financing and even through the

shipping phase. Great company to work with...wish more companies

cared about their clients as does 1st Class Medical."

Marion B.


"Excellent service, excellent customer service, excellent product!

One of my wisest decisions."

Lani G.