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Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Benefiting a Loved One

Posted by Caleb Umstead on Jul 29, 2014 1:30:00 PM



Does your loved one suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? It doesn't matter if they have been recently diagnosed or have had it for years, as a caregiver you want to see your loved one breathing clearly, being active and independent. So you may be wondering what are your options? The most beneficial and portable option is a portable oxygen concentrator. These lightweight machines will promote active, independent lifestyles while keeping your loved one properly saturated during all ranges of activities. In fact there are numerous benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator, but there are five especially important traits that directly apply to your loved ones well being:

The Ideal Solution 

Portable oxygen concentrators like the lightweight Inogen One G2 negate the need for home fill systems, or the need to pay to have standard oxygen tanks refilled on a common basis.

With portable oxygen concentrators patients simply power the machine with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which provide hours worth of oxygen therapy. To recharge the concentrator just simply use the included AC power supply and plug it into a standard wall outlet. Portable concentrators also have the capability to charge in the car with the DC power supply, often many concentrators will charge and fully operate on the DC power supply.

Increases Cognitive Function and Alertness

Research has shown that a lack of oxygen in the brain can decrease a patients cognitive function, alertness, and memory. If your loved one has a portable oxygen concentrator then they will be supplemented all throughout the day, which effectively means they have an unlimited supply of oxygen to improve their cognitive function and run daily errands independently without the worry of running out of oxygen on the go.

Reduces the Occurrence  of Shortness of Breath 

A main sign of COPD is a common occurrence of breathlessness, so nip the frequent occurrence of shortness of breath in the bud by providing your loved once with a portable oxygen concentrator. Your loved one can now stay properly saturated at home, as well as on the go so their independence isn't sacrificed.

Easy Operation

Portable oxygen concentrators are designed with patients in mind, which means that learning to operate the selected portable concentrator will have a easy learning curve for your loved one. The easy to read and operate control panels only expedites the operational process, the control panel will mainly contain a power button, flow rate adjustment, and a flow setting button (continuous or pulse). Different panels may have other additional features but even with those, your loved one will never have to learn to interpret confusing lights or buttons.

Promotes Independence

As said in the name portable oxygen concentrators are intended for portable, on the go use. These devices make living an independent life obtainable, with the help of a portable concentrator your loved one will be able to attend BBQ's, soccer games, and all the other fun family events while still receiving their prescribed amount of oxygen. Your loved one can feel safe when using a portable oxygen concentrator for two reasons, the first is they have unlimited oxygen anywhere with a wall outlet, and second the longstanding battery life provides exceptional time away from the charger. If you plan on traveling their are tons of great accessories to compliment the mobility of portable concentrators, a couple are wheeled traveling carts, carrying cases, and some concentrators even have the ability to be worn as a backpack.

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