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Liberty 2 Equals Freedom

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Jun 5, 2024 1:17:04 PM
Lisa Burkhart


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In a world where mobility and freedom are treasured, maintaining health is essential. For those managing respiratory conditions, the ability to move freely without being tethered to cumbersome oxygen tanks is transformative. Enter the Liberty 2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator – a groundbreaking device revolutionizing respiratory care.

The Vital Role of Oxygen

For individuals with COPD, IPF, ILD, or other chronic respiratory issues, low oxygen saturation can be dangerous or even fatal. Every cell and organ in the body requires oxygen to function correctly. Oxygen travels through the bloodstream via hemoglobin, reaching every part of the body. Inadequate oxygen saturation can lead to permanent organ damage or death. Those who frequently experience oxygen saturation below 90% may need supplemental oxygen.

Breathing New Life into Freedom

The Liberty 2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is more than just medical equipment; it's a lifeline for those with chronic respiratory issues. Designed with practicality and convenience in mind, the Liberty 2 enables users to live life on their terms, free from the constraints of traditional oxygen therapy. Previously, oxygen patients had to haul heavy tanks, limiting their independence and making travel nearly impossible.

Features Designed for Comfort and Convenience

A standout feature of the Liberty 2 is its compact and lightweight design. It comes with a protective carrying case that includes a handle strap and a comfortable shoulder strap. Its ergonomic shape allows it to rest comfortably at your side with minimal swinging, helping you feel more balanced. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, this portable concentrator can easily accompany users on a stroll in the park, a shopping trip, or a long-awaited vacation.

Despite its small size, the Liberty 2 delivers impressive performance. With advanced oxygen delivery technology, it provides a steady and reliable flow of oxygen, ensuring users receive the therapy they need when they need it. It offers 10 pulse settings and 0.5 - 2 Liters per Minute of continuous flow oxygen. The Liberty 2’s versatile medical capabilities make it effective for most oxygen patients.

It also features intelligent delivery for overnight use. As we sleep, our breathing becomes slower and shallower. The Liberty 2 senses this and adjusts to keep the user properly saturated throughout the night. This concentrator is also compatible with CPAP and BiPAP devices.


Unmatched Versatility and Flexibility

What truly sets the Liberty 2 apart from other portable oxygen concentrators is its versatility. With multiple power options, including AC and DC power supplies and battery operation, users can be confident they'll have access to oxygen wherever they are. The AC power supply can be plugged into any standard wall outlet, while the DC power supply connects to the cigarette lighter or DC outlet of any car, boat, or RV. The long-lasting batteries provide up to 4 hours of uninterrupted power on pulse flow or up to 2 hours on continuous flow.

Additionally, the Liberty 2 features user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces, making it easy to operate even for those with dexterity challenges. Whether you're tech-savvy or not, this device simplifies the oxygen therapy process, allowing users to focus on living life to the fullest. The easy-to-read screen displays the current oxygen flow setting, battery life, and any technical issues that need attention.

If any error messages arise that you aren't sure how to resolve, don’t worry – you’re never alone! Every machine purchased from us includes lifetime phone tech support. Our technicians will guide you through troubleshooting steps, and if your machine requires service, they’ll arrange for it to be picked up, repaired, and returned to you.

Conclusion: A Breath of Fresh Air

In a world filled with uncertainty, the Liberty 2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator offers hope and freedom for those navigating respiratory illness challenges. With its compact design, advanced features, and unmatched reliability, it's more than just a device – it's a lifeline.

As we strive for inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare, innovations like the Liberty 2 pave the way for a brighter, more liberated future for individuals with respiratory conditions. So, take a deep breath and embrace the freedom that comes with the Liberty 2 – because every breath is a gift, and with the Liberty 2, every breath is filled with possibility.

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