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SeQual eQuinox Specs and Features

Posted by Duke on May 29, 2014 3:39:00 PM

SeQual eQuinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

We have been watching the progress of the SeQual eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator for quite sometime.

In October of 2012, the eQuniox gained FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval and earlier this month it gained FAA (Federal Aviation Association) approval.

Although we do not have an exact release date, we are anticipating the SeQual eQuinox to be released late March or early April of this year.

This concentrator is going to be the ideal continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator for oxygen patients requiring a continuous flow.

The SeQual eQuniox has a number of new features making it one of the easiest portable oxygen concentrators to use.

Weighing only 14 pounds, the SeQual eQuniox is the lightest continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator that goes up to 3 LPM.

The eQuinox also has the ability to run on pulse flow. It offers pulse flow settings 1-9 with a maximum bolus dose of 192mL.

One of the new features is a front-loading battery with two different battery options; 12 cell and 24 cell.

Another ground breaking feature the SeQual eQuniox portable comes equipped with is a multi-language voice interface that audibly alarms you if you change flow settings, something is wrong with your concentrator, and it also notifies you with how much battery time is left.

If the voice interface isn't for you, you can mute it.

The eQuniox also has a screen on the control panel showing you how much battery life you have left and what flow rate setting you are using.

Like the SeQual Eclipse 5, the eQuniox is fully functional when plugged into the AC or DC power supply.

On the AC power supply, the eQuniox will charge on all settings and supply you with oxygen simultaneously.

On the DC power supply the eQuniox will fully operate on all settings, however it will only charge on pulse settings 1-4 and continuous flow settings 0.5-2.0 LPM.

SeQual eQuinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator Specifications:

Dimensions 13.6” H x 10.6” W x 7.4” D
Weight 14 Pounds with 12 Cell Battery
Continuous Flow Settings 0.5 – 3.0 LPM
Pulse Flow Settings 1-6 (16mL increments) 7-9 (32mL increments)
O2 Concentration 90% +5.5%/-3%
Sound Level 46dBA @ 3.0LPM; 45dBA @ 2.0LPM
Power 85-264 VAC, 47-63Hz; 12 V nominal
Battery Recharge Time 1.5-3.5 hours recharge time to achieve 80% capacity
FAA Approved Yes
Warranty 3 Years

As of right now, we are still waiting on all of the expected battery life specifications, but here is what we have available.

SeQual eQuniox Expected Battery Life

Setting 12 Cell Battery (pulse/continuous) 24 Cell Battery (pulse/continuous)
1 2.62 Hours / 2.16 Hours 5.94 Hours / 4.84 Hours
2 2.7 Hours / 1.2 Hours 5.9 Hours / 2.75 Hours
3 2.38 Hours / 0.8 Hours 5.39 Hours / 1.83 Hours

We are still getting bits and pieces of information from SeQual and cannot wait for the release of this concentrator.

If you have any questions about the unit feel free to comment below!

Watch Our Sequal Equinox Video!

+Duke Reeves

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