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Strategies to Save Money on COPD Medications

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Sep 1, 2017 4:56:07 PM

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Few things in life give you a feeling of hopelessness more than finding a medication that can improve your quality of life, but it is too expensive to afford.  COPD medications can be very expensive, but with a game plan, you can get the medications you need without breaking the bank.  Let’s explore some ways to help you.

Ask Your Doctor for Free Samples

RX free samples.jpgBe upfront and honest with your doctor if the prescribed medications are too expensive.  Drug companies want doctors to prescribe their product, so they send free samples to the office to give to patients.  Your doctor, if they have the samples available, will usually give you a 30-day supply.  In some cases, maybe even longer.  The free sample gives you extra time to try and find a solution to be able to afford the drug long-term.

Choose Generic Drugs

Don’t get caught in the “you get what you pay for” mentality when dealing with prescription drugs.  Generic versions are safe and can cost a fraction of what the name-brand sells for.  The generic drug companies must adhere to the same rules and regulations that any other drug manufacturer does.  For the most part, if there is a generic version of the drug your prescribed, the doctor will order it.  However, if the patent on a name-brand drug has not expired a generic may not be an option.

Discount Prescription Cards

Ask your doctor if they have any discount prescription cards available.  These cards save money on all types of prescription medications, name brand and generic.  Most of these cards are honored at well-known companies.  Again, don’t be afraid to ask.  Your doctor does not necessarily know your financial situation and you will need to advocate for yourself.

Look Beyond Your Pharmacy

Shopping online is a fantastic way to find good deals on prescription drugs.  Many sites online pharmacy.jpgallow you to buy in 90-day supplies which comes at a cheaper rate than buying month to month.  Please do your due diligence in researching the site before making any purchases.  The prescription drug market is a top target for scammers.  Many people buy what they think is a cheaper version of their prescription.  In actuality, they purchased a dangerous counterfeit made from hazardous chemicals and materials.   With a little research, this can be easily avoided and you can potentially save yourself a lot of money.

Participate in Clinical Trials

Ask your doctor if there are any clinical trials currently running that treat your COPD.  Your doctor can help you research these trials or refer you to another physician or facility that participates in trials.  If you are accepted into a clinical trial, the medications used in the trial are provided free-of-charge.  There are usually time commitments with these trials that account for research, travel, journaling, etc., and not abiding by the trial contract can result in your participation being terminated from the trial.

Find an Assistance Program

helping hand.jpgMany people grappling with serious, chronic illnesses find it difficult to afford medications. There are many organizations that try to help out for those in the gap of insurance and public assistance. Many of these programs are geared toward the needy but you don't necessarily have to be indigent or disabled to qualify. Some find it difficult to reach out to programs like this but there is absolutely now shame in reaching out to get the help you need to maintain your health.

RX Assist

Sponsored by AstraZeneca, this is a comprehensive list of programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. You can search for your medication my name or manufacturer so find out how you can get free or low-cost medications.


This financial assistance database for financial assistance programs. It contains coupon links and you can also search for free clinics near you.

Patient Services, Inc (PSI)

This non-profit supports those battling chronic illness. It can help you with health insurance related issues, provide premium assistance, and help with copays.

Patient Access Network Foundation

This foundation's main focus is assisting under insured people who have serious, chronic, or rare diseases. It assists with copays or other out of pocket expenses. They also will advocate for the patient to ensure their insurance is paying what they should and access is improved.


Glaxosmithkline manufactures Ventolin inhalers. They have assistance programs for those without prescription drug coverage.

The Assistance Fund

The mission of this non-profit is to provide access to medications for those with chronic illness. They help with copays, deductibles, and premiums.

The Healthwell Foundation

This is a financial assistance foundation to help patients with supplemental insurance, copays, premiums, and deductibles.

Patient Advocate Foundation

This is a copay relief foundation. They can even assist those already on Medicare or other health plans if they qualify financially.

It is of paramount importance that you adhere to the medications regimen that your doctor has set forth. We hope that some of these options can help make your medication a little easier to afford!

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