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SeQual eQuinox vs SeQual Eclipse 5

Posted by Caleb Umstead on Sep 18, 2014 11:30:08 AM


Welcome back to another segment of our portable oxygen concentrator battle, where we compare similar portable oxygen concentrators on every aspect so you can better assess which concentrator will more adequately fit your health and lifestyle needs. Today we will be comparing the SeQual eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator against the SeQual Eclipse 5, both of these concentrators are from an extremely reputable company so no matter which unit you end up purchasing you will be both impressed and extremely satisfied.

Comparing the SeQual eQuinox against the SeQual Eclipse 5

Overall Size

SeQual eQuinox: The eQuinox is the latest release to be added to the already astonishing SeQual line of portable concentrators, and with the latest advancements in oxygen technology the eQuinox is able to weigh 14lbs. Which makes the eQuinox the lightest portable to offer a continuous flow of 3LPM. The dimensions which are 13.6" H x 10.6" W x 7.4" D, make traveling by car, boat, or plane nothing but a smooth simplistic process.

SeQual Eclipse 5: This well established unit throughout the oxygen community is a little heavier and bigger than its opponent, weighing in at 18.4lbs and measuring 19.3" H x 12.3" W 7.1" D the Eclipse 5 is roughly 4.4 pounds heavier and 6 inches larger than the eQuinox.

The champion in this section is pretty crystal clear, yes the eQuinox is lighter and smaller than the Eclipse 5 so if it comes down to weight then the eQuinox is the viable option. However if weight isn't the only deciding factor for you then continue comparing the two.

Oxygen Flow Settings

Always be sure that the portable oxygen concentrator you purchase will keep you properly saturated throughout all ranges of activity, and it provides a flow rate that is congruent with your doctors prescription. Never adjust your flow rate, if you believe you are not being properly saturated at the current flow then speak with your doctor about possible adjusting it.

SeQual eQuinox: Enjoy the ability to run both continuous and pulse dose flow settings with the eQuinox, pulse flow settings range from 1 - 9 while continuous flow settings start at 0.5 and go up to 3.0LPM. SeQual was also sure to include sleep mode technology to allow the eQuinox to be used at night and as a 24/7 oxygen concentrator.

SeQual Eclipse 5: This portable oxygen concentrator also offers pulse and continuous flow settings,the numerous pulse settings range from 1 - 9 and continuous flow settings are 1 - 3LPM. Enjoy the comfort of knowing you will be properly saturated at all times throughout the night with the help of the sleep mode technology.

Choosing a winner is difficult in this section, but one small difference between the two is the Eclipse 5 pulse flow settings increase in 0.5 increments, while the eQuinox offers 1 - 6 with 3 additional settings above.

Battery Life

SeQual eQuinox: With this portable oxygen concentrator you have two options for batteries, for a lighter overall load the 12 cell battery is ideal but for an even longer saturation period with a little extra weight the 24 cell would be the way to go. When using the 12 cell battery on a pulse flow you can expect to get up to 2.7 hours on a setting of 2, while on continuous setting of 2 it will produce oxygen for up to 1.2 hours. While on the other hand the 24 cell battery on a pulse setting of 2 has a life of up to 5.9 hours, a continuous flow of 2LPM has a battery life of up to 2.75 hours. With the SeQual eQuinox enjoy the freedom to charge on the go with the help of the DC power supply. Simply plug it into the cigarette outlet in your car and enjoy full usage on all pulse settings and the battery will charge. The same goes for pulse settings up to 2LPM, if using 3LPM then it will only operate and will not charge.

SeQual Eclipse 5: In contrast, the Eclipse 5 only offers a single option for battery power but that doesn't mean it won't keep up with life's demands! When pulse flow is selected the lithium ion battery will produce up to 5.1 hours on a setting of 2. When a continuous setting of 2 is selected the battery will operate for up to 2 hours. The battery life can be increased on the go with the help of the included DC power supply. The DC power supply which plugs into a cigarette outlet in vehicles, allows full functionality on all pulse settings while charging and will operate and charge up to a continuous setting of 2LPM. If using 3LPM continuous then it will only operate but not charge on the DC supply.

If you don't mind the little extra weight of the 24 cell battery in the SeQual Equinox then it outperforms the SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen machine on both continuous and pulse dose flow settings. Though if you are going for the overall lightest package then the Eclipse 5 excels past the 12 cell eQuinox battery on both continuous and pulse dose flow settings.

CPAP/BiPAP Compatible

SeQual eQuinox: For the medical oxygen patients that also have sleep apnea and use a CPAP or BiPAP machine, enjoy the convenience to use both machines in congruence with the eQuinox POC.

SeQual Eclipse 5: The Eclipse 5 also allows for patients to use CPAP or BiPAP machines, due to the fact that many patients suffering from COPD or other chronic lung diseases also have sleep apnea.

Benefits of the SeQual eQuinox:

  • Verbal Alarms in Seven Different Languages
  • 2 Battery Options
  • Lightest POC to offer a Pulse Setting of 9 and a Continuous Setting of 3LPM
  • Easy to use On-Board Menu

Benefits of the SeQual Eclipse 5:

  • Advanced Medical Capabilities
  • Reduced Power Consumption for Lower Electricity Costs
  • Usage for a wide Array of Activities

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