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Johnny Got His SeQual!

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Jul 2, 2015 3:10:00 PM

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Johnny, the first person to benefit from our Helping Heroes Fund.  Johnny contends with a number of health challenges and after several bouts with pneumonia, he is required to be on oxygen 24 hours a day.  You may remember that Johnny’s dad, Tom is deployed overseas. Tom’s commanding officer, Jerry, contacted us about getting a portable oxygen concentrator for Johnny so that he could go on outings with his friends at his care center, spend more time with his family, and get to his important medical appointments.


Johnny’s SeQual Eclipse 5 has arrived and Johnny is putting it to good use now that beautiful days of summer have arrived!  This is Jerry, the Lt. Colonel from Tom’s unit, and Johnny enjoying the annual picnic at the care center where Johnny lives.

Johnny’s mom, Julie said that she’s excited to be able to take him out more this summer with his siblings. He enjoys watching sports and going to the park which he was unable to do while using heavy aluminum tanks.  With the Eclipse he can be out for hours at time using the powerful batteries and charging the unit while in the car. While at the care center, Johnny can also participate in more community activities by plugging his Eclipse into nearby outlets and wheeling it from place to place.

1st Class Medical is happy to contribute, is some small way to Tom’s peace of mind while he is overseas fighting the war on terror.  You can help us help other heroes and their families by contributing to our Helping Heroes Fund.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE.  There is no minimum donation and every little bit helps!  If you know a veteran, active duty soldier, or veterans organization that you feel might benefit from this fund, you can nominate them HERE.

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