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Introducing the Rhythm P2 S3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Apr 5, 2024 1:06:16 PM
Lisa Burkhart



Introducing the Rhythm P2S3: Your Premier Partner for Portable Oxygen Assistance on the Move

Rhythm P2s3 cover

When portable oxygen concentrators were invented in the 1970s, they revolutionized the care of respiratory patients. As with all technology, it evolved and became more effective over time. The latest innovation in supplemental oxygen therapy is the Rhythm P2S3. It weighs an astonishingly low 3.3 pounds and offers pulse settings from 1 to 3. Goodbye to the anxiety of running out of oxygen or the self-consciousness of hauling around a cumbersome tank or loud oxygen machine. Hello to convenience, independence and maintaining your dignity. .

Oxygen Therapy: Enhancing Respiratory Health

Oxygen therapy serves as a crucial support for individuals grappling with various respiratory challenges such as COPD, COVID-19, emphysema, ILD, IPF, sleep apnea, and more. By delivering supplemental oxygen, this therapy ensures adequate oxygen intake, which is vital for sustaining overall well-being. Insufficient oxygen levels in the bloodstream (hypoxemia) poses grave risks, including permanent organ damage and other life-threatening complications. Whether as a long-term solution or a temporary measure, oxygen therapy minimizes these risks.

Overview of Supplemental Oxygen Use

Oxygen therapy stands as a cornerstone in managing lung diseases and breathing disorders, supplementing the body's oxygen requirements beyond what is obtained from ambient air. Commonly referred to as supplemental oxygen, this therapy is instrumental in optimizing respiratory function.

It wasn’t long ago that those who were prescribed supplemental oxygen had to deal with cumbersome, and sometimes dangerous, tanks. Dragging these tanks everywhere led to less and less independence. Unfortunately, most people on oxygen were relegated to a more or less sedentary lifestyle. Traveling by car was dangerous and traveling by plane was forbidden. Unfortunately, many respiratory patients missed family celebrations and rarely got to see loved ones who lived far away.

Then, as we discussed, a new device called a portable oxygen concentrator hit the market and revolutionized lung patient care forever. As with all new devices, they were expensive and were only able to help a narrow portion of those suffering from lung disease. But, over the past several decades, these devices have advanced by leaps and bounds. Portable oxygen concentrators can now serve a wider variety of patients. They’re also safer, more reliable, and more widely available.


Who Benefits from Oxygen Therapy?

Individuals afflicted with a spectrum of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD, COVID-19, cystic fibrosis, heart failure, lung cancer, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, and sleep apnea often are required to begin supplemental oxygen therapy. 

A protein called hemoglobin carries oxygen via the bloodstream to every cell and organ in the body who uses this oxygen to perform the work it’s designed to do. The amount of oxygen contained in the hemoglobin in your blood is known as oxygen saturation. Oxygen saturation over 90% is considered normal. Chronically low oxygen saturation can be dangerous or even deadly.

How Does Oxygen Therapy Help?

pulse ox

Oxygen therapy bridges the gap between the body's oxygen demand and its supply from ambient air. Conceptually, it serves as a support system for the respiratory system.

Upon inhalation through the mouth or nose, air—comprising roughly, 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen—is drawn into the lungs. The air is filtered through the pulmonary system then, oxygen is extracted from this air and transported via blood vessels to organs, tissues, and cells.

For those with normal, healthy lung function, 20% oxygen in the air you breathe is adequate because their lungs can extract enough pure oxygen to provide the body with what it needs. However, individuals with respiratory disorders encounter impediments in this process, leading to insufficient oxygen delivery to vital cellular components. 

Consequently, hypoxemia (low levels of oxygen in the blood) ensues, setting off a cascade of adverse effects such as organ dysfunction and even potential organ failure. Oxygen therapy intervenes by rectifying this imbalance, averting the perilous consequences of oxygen deprivation.

In essence, oxygen therapy is absolutely essential for preserving organ function and staving off life-threatening complications associated with inadequate oxygenation.

Crafted with an active and independent lifestyle in mind, the groundbreaking Rhythm P2S3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator offers unparalleled self-reliance and flexibility without sacrificing efficacy. You’ll never have to say no to a vacation, family gathering, or spontaneous road trip again.

It's Petite yet Potent!

Do not be deceived by its compact size and low weight! The Rhythm P2S3 might be diminutive, but its performance prowess is colossal. Packed with cutting-edge technology, it draws in ambient air, filters it through medical sieve and delivers medical grade oxygen to the user, via cannula. It does it all with style, convenience, and ease of use.

No more cumbersome tanks and awkward carrying containers. At a mere 3.3 pounds, the P2S3 is exceptionally lightweight, for the ultimate in convenience and portability. 3.3 pounds is lighter than your average laptop. Whether traversing the globe, running errands, or cherishing moments with loved ones, this portable oxygen concentrator offers easy mobility while providing everything you need to successfully navigate your oxygen therapy journey.

Your Perfect Traveling Companion

Woman Packing suitcase

In addition to being lightweight, the P2S3 also boasts a modest footprint, rendering it an exceptionally agreeable travel companion. Standing at just 6.7 inches tall, 6.2 inches wide, and 3.4 inches deep. It is shorter than a small water bottle and can be concealed behind the latest bestseller.

Most importantly, this compact wonder provides immense peace of mind on the go. You’ll never be self-conscious with its whisper-quiet operation. No more noisy, intrusive machinery but instead a discreet, inconspicuous oxygen support. Fine dining in a bustling restaurant, navigating a crowded airport, attending a cultural event, or enjoying the serenity of a local park, you’ll breathe freely without attracting unwanted attention with the Rhythm P2S3 on your hip.

The P2S3 offers Multiple Power Options!

With this cutting edge device, shortness of breath, fatigue and worrying about running out of oxygen while on the move becomes a thing of the past. The AC power supply plugs into any standard wall outlet. When plugged in, the machine will run and the battery will charge. Keep in mind that if you are traveling internationally, you will likely need an outlet adapter.

This concentrator also comes with a DC power supply. The DC cord plugs into the DC outlet or cigarette lighter in any car, RV or boat. When plugged into the DC outlet will operate your machine and may also charge the battery. The ability to charge depends on the electrical capacity of your vehicle. You can hit the road or enjoy the lake all day without having to worry about running out of oxygen.

When plugged in, your device can provide oxygen while also charging the battery. This device’s extended battery life, affords hours of uninterrupted usage on a single charge. Be it a leisurely stroll or a full day of activities, rest assured that the Rhythm P2S3 will align with your highest lifestyle expectations. 

Customization options cater to varying needs; opt for the smaller single battery for quick errands, providing up to 2.5 hours of battery life with minimum weight. Or you can choose the triple battery for travel or a full day out on the town, which will offer up to 7.2 hours of continuous usage.

Advanced Performance, Easy Operation

We recognize the significance of simplicity in medical equipment. No one wants to carry around a user manual to successfully operate a complicated piece of machinery. The P2S3 is engineered with intuitive controls and easily interpretable indicators, ensuring hassle-free operation for all users, including those with dexterity challenges. With a mere touch, you can adjust settings, silence the alarm, and power the machine on and off. The easy to read info screen allows you to monitor battery levels, check your setting, or diagnose any mechanical malfunctions. 

If any error messages come up that you don’t understand, keep in mind that every concentrator purchased from us comes with lifetime free phone tech support. Our phone techs can walk you through trying to solve the problem on the phone. If that doesn’t work, they’ll take care of arranging for your concentrator to be sent in for service.

Find Your Rhythm Again!

Rediscover the essence of independence with the Rhythm P2S3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Whether exploring new horizons or relishing life's mundane moments, this device empowers you to lead life on your terms. Compact, featherweight, and remarkably dependable, the Rhythm P2S3 emerges as the quintessential choice for individuals seeking to harmonize their rhythm, embrace freedom, and maintain peace of mind while on their oxygen therapy journey.

This device is FDA as well as FAA approved so you can rest assured that it is medically sound and you’ll never have any issues going through airport security or boarding a plane with it.

Eager to experience this life-changing device for yourself?  Secure your Rhythm P2S3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator today and embark on a journey toward unparalleled mobility and convenience. Breathe easier, live better, and sway to your own rhythm—with the Rhythm P2S3.

Get Yours Today!

In acknowledgment of our exemplary customer service and our longevity in the business, we proudly stand as the exclusive distributor of this groundbreaking device.. Visit us online at www.1stClassMedical.com or dial 1-800-520-5726 to speak with our respiratory specialists, who stand ready to address any questions you might have. They can also connect you with our financing team.


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