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Why Buying O2 From Ebay & Craigslist Can Be Dangerous

Posted by Erin Lowry on Oct 8, 2018 12:29:01 PM

why buying O2 fro Ebay & Craigslist can be dangerous

Though it seems beneficial to buy an oxygen concentrator for cheaper online, it can end up costing you more money in the end.

Concentrators from an unauthorized seller can mean you get a machine that doesn’t work, or doesn’t meet medical standards, which can put your health in danger.

Often you can contact an accredited and authorized oxygen supply company that can sell you a used or refurbished unit, which is often covered under a warranty.

This will allow you to have your machine covered if anything comes up and will be fixed without worry for you.

If you choose to buy from Ebay or Craigslist, you risk the possibility of the machine breaking or missing parts and no warranty to protect you.

There are a handful of dangers that can arise when you choose to purchase an oxygen concentrator from an unauthorized seller, putting your health and finances at risk.

It is important to research before you purchase an oxygen concentrator from any source, both accredited and non-accredited.

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No Warranties

It can be risky to purchase an oxygen concentrator from an unauthorized source, as no warranty can mean you are stuck paying for repairs or buying a new machine if the one you purchased online is broken.

It is possible you are paying a lot for a machine and it ends up not working or is beat up and then you spent more than it was worth, whereas a warranty would be there to protect you.

If you have a machine through an accredited company, it can protect you if anything were to happen to your machine it can get fixed or even replaced with no cost to you.

Poor Quality Machine

Though it is possible to purchase a good oxygen concentrator from a non-accredited source, you are more likely to get a poor working unit.

Oxygen concentrators do not last forever, and someone could be selling their unit just before it starts to break down.

This can leave you out hundreds of dollars and a machine that is not working.

Even if the seller can show it charges, it may not charge fully, and it is possible that alarms on the machine are broken.

It is important to purchase a concentrator from an accredited and authorized seller because they put their company name behind the quality of the machine they are selling you.

They also offer units that have been refurbished by the manufacturer, providing you with the comfort of a manufacturer warranty.

Danger When Buying

man trying to steal womens purse 

If you buy from Craigslist, you most often meet up with the person you are purchasing from, this can be risky.

Even in broad daylight the person could be trying to take advantage of those trying to buy medical equipment.

It can be a very scary situation if you go alone, or even if you go with someone else in a very public place.

It can be dangerous to provide credit card information to a person versus an accredited and authorized company.

A Lot of Money

Oxygen concentrators online can still be hundreds if not thousands of dollars, costing you a lot for a machine that may not work.

In pictures or even in person it can look like a brand-new machine, but the inside of the oxygen concentrator may tell a different story.

It is possible for the machine to be an older oxygen concentrator, so parts may not be easily accessible or available at all.

The machine could also be an older model that no longer works with the current accessories on the market, making it hard to find cannula, carrying cases or backpacks.


Contacting a local or well-known oxygen concentrator supply company can relieve you of any stress as well as protect your bank account for having to buy a second oxygen concentrator (from an accredited source the second time).

Often oxygen concentrator companies will buy back your old unit, so you can get a bit back on your investment down the road as well.

Not only will an accredited and authorized seller provide you with a good warranty, they often allow you to purchase an extended warranty to cover the life of the machine.

It can be unsafe for you to meet someone from online to buy a machine, it can also risk your credit card information from being stolen.

Oxygen concentrators are very expensive, so to buy one that doesn’t work, and you cannot return can cost you even more.

Though oxygen concentrators can be expensive, buying them from an accredited and authorized seller can prevent you for costing more money in the long run.

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