Veterans Program

1st Class Medical has been appointed as a preferred oxygen concentrator supplier for Veterans. Beginning in February 1st Class Medical will be exclusively supplying the LifeChoice Activox to Veterans through VA organizations. The LifeChoice Activox 4L will be available as are all accessories such as cannulas, batteries, filters or carrying cases. Veterans will have access to these products through the GSA Advantage program as part of Federal Supply Schedules.

Federal Supply Schedules were instituted to help customers, such as veterans who rely on the VA for healthcare, to receive the best, state of the art equipment at the best value due to volume discounts. Vendors participate in a qualification process so that the Veterans Administration can ensure that not only are they are getting quality items at the best value for their patients but they also want to work with companies that provide excellent customer service and support for the merchandise purchased. Products are purchased in large quantities by the VA so they are able to secure a lower price point. That discounted price is passed along to their patients. This program also guarantees that veterans will continue to receive accessories and maintenance items at a pre-negotiated price.

In order to take advantage of this special pricing a patient would follow prescription procedures as normal. If their doctor gives them a prescription for medical grade oxygen, the doctor will order the concentrator through the VA hospital or clinic and the patient will pay through them. The patient then owns the concentrator out right and can visit their home clinic to order accessories or supplemental items for their concentrators. The manufacturer’s warranty applies the same as it would through any authorized distributor.

Veteran’s health care organizations and medical administrations in general are increasingly moving towards prescribing portable oxygen concentrators to patients who have a need for medical oxygen instead of tanks. Even though concentrators are slightly more expensive at the outset, patients and insurance organizations are saved thousands in maintenance costs. Oxygen tanks require frequent servicing by refilling or delivery services. When using a tank system, many patients would require at least weekly deliveries or refills averaging anywhere from $25 to $100 per refill while oxygen concentrators produce oxygen from ambient air and never need refilling. They also require little to no maintenance and are extremely easy to operate. Taking those details into consideration, concentrators pay for themselves in a very short time. Portable concentrators can also cut health care costs by encouraging patients to stay active and stick to exercise regimens thereby improving their overall health. Physicians feel that people who have an active lifestyle, enjoy hobbies, and maintain social contacts are healthier in general and less likely to develop complications or further ailments.

Anyone who feels that it would benefit them to get away from cumbersome tanks and into a state of the art portable oxygen concentrators should contact their physician. If the doctor agrees they will issue a prescription and the VA hospital or clinic can help you begin the process of acquiring a concentrator through this special program.