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Please fill out the New Return & Exchange Policy below.

I have read the below information, and I agree to the terms.
* Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns in regards to our return and exchange policy. 1-800-520-5726


New Return & Exchange Policy

At 1st Class Medical, we want our customers to be happy with our products and service. This customer satisfaction allows you to return or exchange any item you purchase from us within 30 days of receipt of unit. We strongly encourage you to immediately inspect and use your new concentrator to make sure that it meets your needs, because our customer satisfaction is time-dependent.  

When your unit arrives:  

Immediately inspect the box for damages and unpack your unit. We test every unit before it leaves our store, but sometimes units do arrive either damaged or defective. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you contact us immediately. If a unit is damaged in shipping, we must notify and work with the shipping company within 48 hours. We cannot be responsible for shipping damage if you wait longer than 48 hours after your unit arrives to let us know. 

0 - 5 days after arrival - 100% refund  
We want our customers to be happy with their units, and we will refund your money 100% (excluding shipping costs) for all new units if you notify us within the first 5 days. During those 5 days, we encourage you to pick up, pull, carry, examine, and test-run your unit (for fewer than 10 hours). 

Because we can’t sell a unit as new if it has been damaged or run more than 10 hours outside the factory, the 100% customer satisfaction is only valid if you contact us within the first 5 days and the unit: 

  • Remains in unused / like new condition including all packaging.
  • Has not been used in a smoke-filled environment.
  • Has been run fewer than 10 hours.

Please contact our customer support department at 1-800-269-0722. All returns require a return authorization. You must pay for return shipping costs. Please insure the return shipment for the full value. 

6 - 30 days after arrival 
If you determine between 6 days and 30 days after you receive the unit that you would like to return it, please contact our customer support department at 1-800-269-0722, and they will assist you with either a refund (based on the number of hours the unit has been used and after the restocking fee) or an exchange to a unit that better matches your needs. Please understand that any unit used over 10 hours is considered used, and therefore the refund will be calculated upon the unit’s "used" value. The restocking fee for units returned between days 6 and 30 is 25%. Please contact our customer support department at 1-800-269-0722. All returns require a return authorization. You must pay for return shipping costs. Please insure the return shipment for the full value. 

After 30 days:  
We are sorry, but after 30 days we cannot refund or exchange your unit.  

Please note: 

  • All items returned without a return authorization number, including items returned to us for refusal of delivery, are subject to the 25% restocking fee.
  • Oxygen concentrators sometimes sustain electrical damage due to customer misuse. If you use a power inverter from 12 volt to 110 volt or from 220 volt to 110 volt, for example, you will damage the unit. In these cases and in all instances of customer-caused damage, the customer is responsible for all parts, labor, and shipping charges to return the unit to us for repair. Please contact our support department at 1-800-520-5726.
  • All new units come with a factory warranty .Warranty repairs will be quickly handled by our customer support department at 1-800-520-5726.

Please call us at 1-800-520-5726 at any time if you have questions or you can e-mail us at info@1stclassmedical.net. 



The undersigned, as or on behalf of Patient, authorizes (1) Patient’s Insurer(s) and any other third party payor(s) which provide Patient with coverage to disclose to SUPPLIER minimum necessary  information to facilitate payment to SUPPLIER for items furnished Patient including, but not limited to (A) payment made by such payor(s) to Patient, the undersigned or to any other person  or entity for items provided by SUPPLIER to Patient; and (B) the scope and extent of Patient’s from time to time; (2) all medical personnel involved in Patient’s treatment to disclose to SUPPLIER any and all information concerning Patient’s medical history and condition as it may relate to the items or treatment provided to Patient by SUPPLIER; and (3) any holder of medical information about patient (including SUPPLIER) to release to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (or any successor agency) and its agents , to any of Patient’s third party payor(s) including, without limitation, Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, OCHAMPUS, Tricare or other public or private payors, and to SUPPLIER, any information needed (subject to “minimum necessary” requirements as applicable) (A)  to determine applicable benefits and qualification for reimbursement of items furnished by SUPPLIER to Patient; (B) to process claims for items provided by SUPPLIER to Patient; and/or (C) to conduct health care compliance activities (including pre- or post-payment audits) and quality assurance or utilization reviews. The undersigned, as or on behalf of Patient, hereby authorizes his/her health care providers and payors to rely on this “Consent to Release of Health Information,” without the need for a separate release authorization , to release the specified information for treatment , payment and healthcare operations purposes as contemplated herein.  This consent shall not be effective to permit disclosures if information in cases where HIPAA-compliant release authorization is required pursuant to 45 CFR$164.508.