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1st Class Medical F.A.Q.'s 

What are my payment options?

We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

What if I can’t afford to pay all at once?

It is our goal to help as many people as possible to leave dangerous and cumbersome oxygen tanks behind and find more freedom and independence with an oxygen concentrator. Apply for instant approval financing right over the phone at 1-800-520-5726.

For those who don’t qualify for financing, we have an easy term layaway program so that you can break down payments into more manageable installments.

We also have a long term leasing option available.

Do you rent concentrators?

Yes we do. If you’re happy with your home concentrator and need a portable for vacation, we rent concentrators by the week for your convenience. When you see how much easier a portable concentrator makes your life and how much more freedom you have, you may decide to purchase a unit. If you do, we will deduct the price of the rental off of the purchase price.

Do I need a prescription?

By law, we cannot sell you a concentrator without a prescription from your doctor. The thought of sitting for hours on the phone with a doctor’s office sounds like a tedious task but we have a department that focuses solely on contacting your physician for you and getting all of the paperwork needed for your purchase so you don’t have to worry about it.

Is this device covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or other insurance?

In certain circumstances it is but generally it is not. If you are depending on insurance to reimburse you for this device, we strongly encourage you to get pre-approval.

Do I have to pay sales tax on a concentrator?

Patients residing in Colorado or Florida are required to pay sales tax, all other state’s residents are exempt.

Is purchasing a concentrator a tax write-off?

Medical expenses can be used as a write off on income taxes but it depends on a cost to income ratio. We encourage you to speak to a tax professional about your specific situation.

Can portable concentrators be used and taken on an airplane safely?

All of the portable oxygen concentrators that we sell are FAA approved for air travel. Concentrators are much easier and safer to travel with than oxygen tanks. Battery life is being improved all the time and currently there are concentrators available that can run up to 15 hours on battery power alone so even international flights are possible. The FAA only has jurisdiction on flights in US airspace so if you will be traveling internationally, it’s important to speak to your travel agent about specific laws in other countries. Airlines also have their own policies regarding stowing and storing concentrators so be sure to familiarize yourself with their policies before traveling.

When I upgrade, what do I do with my old concentrator?

We want our patients to be able to have the concentrator that is best for both their medical and lifestyle needs. In an effort to make it more affordable to move up to the latest technology of concentrator we have instituted a buy back program. We will pay you top dollar for your trade to put towards your new concentrator. If you no longer need a concentrator we may be interested in buying it from you. Contact us today at 1-800-520-5726 to see if your concentrator is eligible for purchase.

Can concentrators be used with CPAP or BiPAP devices?

Yes. Concentrators that have continuous flow can be used with sleep apnea devices.

Can portable concentrators be used 24 hours a day?

Pulse flow concentrators that are equipped with sleep settings can be used at night, as well as continuous flow units. When you call in, one of our respiratory specialists can answer any questions you may have about this and help to determine which concentrator would be best suited for your situation.

When will I receive my concentrator?

We ship out of both our Florida and Colorado warehouses for the quickest delivery possible. We generally ship the same day we process your payment and you will usually receive your concentrator within 3 – 5 business days. We also have expedited shipping available at an additional charge.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We can quote you a price and ETA over the phone but in some countries the shipment may be delayed by customs. The patient is responsible for any custom charges, taxes, or fees levied during transit.

What do I do if my concentrator develops a problem?

We have a staff of factory trained technicians that can quickly diagnose and repair your concentrator either here or they can ship it back to the factory if necessary. If your concentrator is malfunctioning the first step would be to call our tech support hotline. They will walk you through troubleshooting your concentrator and can often solve the problem over the phone. If your concentrator needs to be sent to us, they will instruct you what to do.

Can I get a loaner concentrator while mine is being repaired?

If you paid to be a member of the loaner program when you purchased your machine, we will ship you a loaner at no cost. If you didn’t, you can rent a machine from us while yours is being repaired.

What is the difference between used and refurbished?

A used concentrator has been taken in on trade or has been used as a rental unit. It has been thoroughly inspected by our team of factory trained technicians and certified to be in perfect working order. A refurbished concentrator has been returned to the factory and rebuilt or parts have been replaced so that it is in "like new" condition and certified for use.

Do used and refurbished concentrators come with warranties?

Yes they do. The length and terms of the warranties differ with the unit. You will be given written terms of the warranty upon purchase and your respiratory specialist will go over it with you and answer any questions you may have.

Veterans Program FAQ's

Do I need a prescription to get a portable oxygen concentrator?

Yes oxygen concentrators are available by prescription only.

Where do I start if I want to get a concentrator through the Veterans Administration?

Start by visiting your doctor and getting a prescription. From there the hospital or clinic will assist you with ordering.

Do I own the concentrator or is it on loan from the VA hospital or clinic?

The patient will own it.

Do I get a warranty?

Both the Activox Sport and Pro have 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranties.

Who do I contact if I need service or have technical questions?

1st Class Medical offers a lifetime of free phone tech support for every concentrator they sell, including ones purchased through this program. Contact tech support directly at 1-800-520-5726.

Where do I get filters, batteries or other accessories?

You will get them through your GSA account with the VA.

Can I travel with my portable oxygen concentrator?

Yes, they are approved by the FAA for airline use.

Are portable oxygen concentrators good for car travel?

Yes they are much safer than tanks and can be charged using the D/C cigarette lighter plugin.





*1st Class Medical guarantees your privacy 100% and will never give your information out.

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"Know if I have any problems I can call and talk to very helpful people" Bob C.

"Great company to work with. I was helped by Dylan at 1st Class Medical on the upgrade of unit. I would recommend this company to everyone." Murray M.



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