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Up to 70% off sale ends in two days,

Are you looking for ULTRA lightweight portable oxygen concentrators with a battery that will last you ALL DAY?

Over the past 35 years, we've helped over 35,000 patients find a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator that fits their budget.

We don't work for the oxygen manufacturers, and we don't have to meet any sales quotas.

We work for you and for you alone, doing everything we can to find you the best portable oxygen concentrator for the absolute lowest possible price, guaranteed.

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Over 35,000 customers
Financing with $0 down!
Lifetime tech support

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We get well over 300 inquiries per day. Our inventory is limited and sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

We're running an end-of-season clearance sale that ends in two days,

Once or twice a year, 1st Class Medical is able to put our entire overstock inventory of portable oxygen concentrators on a special sale. During this sales event, we discount our ultra lightweight portable oxygen concentrators even more than they are throughout the year.

During this special sales event, we can usually offer you up to 70% off list price. Because these are expensive units, and because we have a large volume of inquiries on a daily basis, we cannot hold or reserve any units for you. We sell our available units on a first come first serve basis.

We get well over 350 form submissions per day from patients looking for an amazing deal on brand new and used portable oxygen concentrators, so act now.

Quantities are extremely limited.

If you'd like to see the remaining inventory we have left, please fill out the form at the top of this page.

If you fill out the form before the end of the current sale, we will also be able to show you a price list for all our remaining units.

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Why can't we show you prices on this page?

Many customers mistakenly buy portable oxygen concentrators directly from the manufacturer, either on the manufacturer's website or at a retail location. This is a big mistake! 

When you buy directly from the manufacturer, you're paying full retail prices. You have to pay list price, because you have no leverage ... you're just one customer. 1st Class Medical built a business through striking deals with manufacturers for much, much better pricing on individual units, because we buy from them in bulk.

It's like going to Costco and buying a 3 gallon jug of olive oil instead of buying a 10 oz jar of olive oil from your local supermarket.

Sure, when we resell the brand new, fully insured units to you we make a small profit (it's our business, after all), but you're still getting a much lower price than you'd ever find anywhere else. In fact, our prices can be as much as 70% off the regular list price many of your friends probably paid by going direct to the manufacturer.

Manufacturers don't want us advertising our prices in broad daylight, because they feel that doing so may undermine their ability to sell their units at full price. We agreed to only reveal our discounted prices to customers who specifically ask for them by filling out a pricing list form (the form at the top of this page).

To see remaining inventory and to see our full pricing list, fill out the form at the top of this page now.

Besides for price, what else makes us special?

35,000+ customers over 35 years in business. While we do offer the lowest prices on the market guaranteed, we're also neurotic about the quality of our service and making the entire buying process as easy as possible for you.

  1. Free Lifetime Technical Support
  2. Buy Back and Trade-In Programs
  3. We Offer Used and Refurbished Units as low as $999
  4. Same Day Super Fast Shipping
  5. Servicing The Entire United States

View Remaining Inventory


Only a handful of ultra lightweight portable oxygen concentrators remain at up to 70% off retail prices.