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Top 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Portability

Posted by Caleb Umstead on Jul 22, 2014 11:42:00 AM




Sometimes when a major respiratory crisis enters your life, your first response is to try to ignore it. It is often hard to accept, harder still to move forward. In reality, moving forward is the best option you have. With the help of your physician, a plan of action can be created. To be able to carry this out, you will need a portable oxygen concentrator, designed for those who wish to remain active. These portable oxygen concentrators (POC) have come a long way. They have a better battery life, multiple settings to fit your medical needs, and carrying cases designed for active people.

Three top portable oxygen concentrators are the AirSep Focus, the Inogen One G3, and the LifeChoice Activox Sport. These are models we have found that fit the needs of most individuals. You will note that their size, battery life, sound level and other options will make it possible for you to travel, shop and be fairly active. Since all use the pulse mode instead of continuous flow output, a humidifier is not included. All three portable oxygen concentrators come with a 3 year warranty for the units, and 1 year for accessories.

AirSep FocusAirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Size: One of the smallest available at 6.4” high, 4.8” wide, 2.5” deep with a weight of 1.75 pounds.

Battery: Two interior rechargeable lithium batteries that last 1.5 hours each. If you regularly need longer time you can add the AirSep Airbelt which is an extra battery pack that goes around your waist. It will add about 4 hours. Charging can be done at home and in the car, boat or RV.

Carrying Case: The carrying bag has a nice cross shoulder strap that keeps the unit close against you. It is also equipped with a belt clip which allows you to wear the AirSep Focus on your waist. 

Added Information: Its noise level averages out at 39-40 decibels, making it perfect for going to a movie or the theater. It has been approved by the FAA for airplane travel.

Inogen One G3Inogen_One_G3_Thumbnail

Size: The Inogen One G3 is 7.25” high, 8.75” wide and 3” deep. With a weight of 4.8 pounds it is also easy to carry.

Battery: You have a choice of an 8 cell or 16 cell battery. The 8 cell delivers 2-4 hours of use depending on the settings, while the 16 cell delivers 8-12 hours. This would cover an international airplane flight. It can be charged via AC and DC adapters, making it easy to recharge just about anywhere.

Carrying Case: The Inogen One G3 carrying case that has a strap to be warn over your shoulder, but it also had a rolling backpack. This can be pulled behind you similar to a suitcase.

Added Information: This unit has pulse settings from 1-5, allowing room for any progression of your condition without having to buy a different unit shortly after you purchased one.

Inogen One G4

Size: Slightly larger than its previous generation, the Inogen One G4 is 7.2" high, 5.91" long and 2.68" wide, and only weighing 2.8 lbs with a single battery and 3.3 lbs with a double battery.

Battery: With the Inogen One G4, you have a choice between the 4 cell battery or an 8 cell battery. The 4 cell can provide up to 2.7 hours of use, while the 8 cell battery can provide up to 5 hours of use. These batteries can be charged with an AC or DC power supply, letting you plug it in, in the car or in an outlet at home. You can also purchase an external battery charger to charge your unit wherever you go.

Carrying Case: The carrying case has a shoulder strap, allowing you to wear it over your shoulder.

Added Information: The Inogen One G4, though a pulse flow, can be used at night as it has breath-sensing technology. If the machine senses your breathing rate decreasing it will turn to a higher pulse rate to make sure you are getting enough oxygen.

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