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Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module

Posted by Caleb Umstead on May 30, 2014 2:31:11 PM


At 10 pounds, the Respironics SimplyGo was the first continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator to weigh less than 15 pounds. The standard package for the SimplyGo comes with 2 external batteries, but when the SimplyGo was designed, it had the capability of housing one battery at a time. Unlike its predecssor, the Respironics EverGo, which could house two battery at a time. Many patients have asked us if ther was any way they can use two batteries at once. In the past we had to unfortunately tell them no. However, Respiornics was hard at work developing the Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module.

How to Use the Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module

The Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module is a custom designed and light weight plastic sleeve that will house one SimplyGo battery. The external battery module itself weighs less than 0.5 pounds. With a battery inserted in the module, it weighs approximately 2.0 pounds. Respironics offers patietns the perfect way to extend the battery life of their Respironics SimplyGo without adding a lot of weight with their new battery module. Here is a step by step guide on how to use it:

  1. Check Your Battery
    • Before you do anything with the external battery module you are going to want to make sure your battery is fully charged.
  3. Insert Battery Into Module
    • Insert the battery into the external battery module. Make sure you hear it click into place before moving onto the next step. If you do not hear the battery click into place, it is not secured.
  5. Secure Battery Module in Carrying Case
    • Once the battery is properly placed in the module, you will want to place it into the front zipper pocket on the SimplyGo carrying case. Zip the pocket so the cord can reach the charging port on the side of the unit.
  7. Connect the Cord
    • After securing the battery and module in the zipper pocket, connect the battery to the charging port. This will allow the SimplyGo to run off of the battery in the module.

Cautions From Respironics:

  • Do not open the external battery module case. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.
  • Do not expose the external battery module to water or conductive liquids. This is not a sealed case.
  • Use only with Respironics SimplyGo Lithium-ion battereis. Other battereies may burst and cause injury.
  • Do not use the external battery module without a charged battery installed in the SimplyGo device.
  • Always begin use of your external battery module with a fully charged battery.
  • Always insert a SimplyGo battery into the external battery module prior to plugging the module into the concentrator.
  • Unplug the external battery module from the SimplyGo when the SimplyGo is off.

Other Tips

  • The battery icon on the SimplyGo will only report the remaining battery life of the battery installed in the concentrator. To check the remaining battery life of the battery in the module, remove the battery and press the indicator button.
  • When the external battery module is connected to the concentrator, the SimplyGo will initially use the battery in the module until it is fully depleted. Once it is fully depleted the SimplyGo will automatically switch over to the battery installed in the unit.

If you are interested in getting the external battery module for the Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator, call 1-888-370-0599 and speak with a specialist today!

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