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How to Work Out Without The Gym

Posted by Erin Lowry on Sep 12, 2018 3:33:23 PM


how to work out without the gym

For those with an oxygen supply source (concentrator, tank, etc) it can be useless to have a gym membership, as it is too hard to work out with your oxygen.

But have you thought about working out during your everyday routine?

It is possible to exercise without going outside of your daily routine, by modifying your routine to cause a bit more effort on your behalf, you will never need a gym membership.

There are a few ways to use more energy and burn more calories that do not require you to get on a treadmill or enter the gym.

Ways to Burn Calories:

Park Farther Away

If you are going to the grocery store, or out running errands, it can be better for your health to park your car further away and walk to your destination.

By parking further from your destination, not only does it give you more fresh air, you can burn additional calories that you may not have otherwise.

You do not need to do this every time you stop somewhere, but if you feel that you can challenge yourself then you should.

Stairs V. Elevator

We all know elevators are easier on our knees, but the stairs may be better for your lungs, so if you can take the stairs, do it!

You can burn an additional 2 calories for every flight of steps, which may not seem like a lot but they add up quickly.

Depending on where you are going, and what unit of oxygen supply you have, it may be safer to use an elevator or escalator.

Stand More

Though standing is not always fun, it is better for your health compared to sitting down.

Not only does standing burn more calories than sitting down, it can help your muscles remain strong and it can keep the pounds away.

Those who stand burn .15 calories more per minute compared to those who sit, and over the course of a day, that can lead up to an extra 54 calories.

Muscle use and activity from standing can lower your risk of strokes and heart attacks, according to recent research

Clean While Watching TV

Sitting and binge-watching TV can see fun, but it is not good for your health. If you do some gentle cleaning while you are watching TV, you hit two birds with one stone.

Not only do you get some cleaning done while enjoying your show, but you can burn some calories as you are cleaning.

Even if you get up during commercial breaks to do a few minutes of cleaning, it is better than getting up to get chips or a drink.

Exercise Watch or Pedometer

exercise watch

Getting an exercise watch or pedometer can encourage you to burn more calories, walk a bit farther, or drink a bit more water.

This new technology can make you feel more accomplished when exercising, as you can see result from what you are doing.

The three fitness trackers we recommend are the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band, and the Fitbit Charge HR.

All 3 are useful in tracking steps and calories, and both the Garmin Vivofit and Fitbit Change HR can be used to track your sleep as well.

Depending on what you want your fitness tracker for, we would recommend heading to a tech store and speaking with an employee about your needs and wants in a fitness tracker.

Exercise Ball V. Chair

Exercise balls are a great swap for a regular chair or couch, as they require you to keep balance and use your leg and abdomen muscles in order to stay stead on the ball.

Studies have show that exercise balls help with increased muscle activity and trunk movements, which are how our bodies move.

Though overtime, exercise balls do not improve any posture, they can help strengthen the muscles in your body.

Even using an exercise ball for a couple hours a day, can help strengthen your muscles and keep you from sinking into the couch.

Visit an Animal Shelter

If you are in good health, going to your local shelter can help you get out and be active, as well as enjoy the company of cute puppies.

By volunteering to walk dogs, you can spend time outdoors as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

It gives the animal the attention it needs and lets you get some exercise in, but in a fun way that doesn’t make it seem like you are really exercising.

elderly couple walking a dog


We naturally sit and take a break in between stirring our pot of pasta and throwing something in the oven, but you can be healthier if you take small walks (or pace) in between stirring.

Naturally going to sit down in front of the TV can make time go by faster but pacing and walking around in your home can be better for your health, and can also kill time.

Try to play a game and see how many laps you can do in between each stir, planning to stir as directed or set your own time limit.

Dance More, Drink Less

Get out on the dance floor versus sitting around and sipping on some wine.

Not only will you have more fun dancing, it will burn calories and prevent you from consuming more calories.

It can be fun on occasion to have a glass a wine with dinner, but every now and again dancing around can help burn calories and can be a new change of pace.


Going to the gym can make you feel self-conscious, making it hard to want to go back, but that shouldn’t stop you from being active.

By adding extra steps to your daily routine, you can burn more calories and not feel like you are having to spend a few hours at a gym.

It can also help keep you busy in moments of boredom, like during commercial breaks or while you are waiting for your water to boil.

You can also get out of the house and take a puppy for a walk, which can help your health and with calories.


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