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The Best Gifts for Those on Oxygen in 2018

Posted by Erin Lowry on Dec 7, 2018 8:40:00 AM


The Best Gifts for Those on Oxygen in 2018

As we get older the gifts we give become more practical and less fun (or so it seems), but it doesn’t have to be.

Though it may seem challenging to buy your loved one on O2 some fun gadgets and gizmos, we made a list of things we think you can give.

Some can be beneficial to their health or just plain fun to have, it depends on what your loved one wants most this time of year (or any time of year)!

Personalized Gifts:

Some of the best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and “homemade”, as they have a more personal touch from you!

A more custom approach to gift giving allows you to get your loved one something they really wanted with a touch from you, so they can always remember you gave it to them.

We recommend dating the gift you give, that way your loved one can look back and remember the year they got the gift.

Gift Cards:

Though this may not seem personalized, it can be fun to give a movie theater or restaurant gift card so your loved one can go enjoy a new movie or take a friend to dinner.

This is a fun (and easy) gift to give because it allows them to go enjoy themselves without having to worry about paying for the bill.

Winter Gear (Gloves, Hat, Scarves):

Warm winter gear is perfect to give to a loved one, as it can keep them warm and help them get through winter.

Either making it yourself or finding ones at the store that your loved one will love can help keep them cozy and think of you whenever they wear them.

Photo Album/Calendar/Blanket:

With all the cool technology we have, it can be fun to take advantage of it.

Photo albums are great, as it can share family pictures with loved ones and it can be fun to look through.

A photo calendar can be a fun way to personalize a gift that gets to feature your goofy side, dress your pup up in patriotic gear for July, or snag a picture of your kids playing catch for August.

Photo blankets are perfect multi-purpose gifts, as it can be art or comfort, it can be hung up and displayed when not in use but can keep your loved one warm in the winter.


Making a cool custom mug is a great way to get children involved when making presents for their loved ones. Either go to a store that allows you to paint ceramics and they will put it in the kiln or try a DIY version at home.

 gift cards


Pulse Oximeter:

A device used to determine the oxygen saturation in the blood, a pulse oximeter is important to those who have oxygen deficiency (i.e. those with COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, etc).

It is not a very pricey gift but it allows your loved one to stop worrying about their oxygen saturation and having to buy themselves one.

Pedometer/Smart Watch/Exercise Watch:

Depending on how tech savvy your loved one is, you may not want to buy a smart watch if they will never use it.

Pedometers are perfect for many, as it can allow them to track their steps and set active goals.

A smart watch is perfect for your tech savvy loved one and can allow them to stay connected to you wherever they may go, it allows texting and health tracking.

An exercise watch is the perfect middle man, if you loved one wants to be active but doesn’t want a smart watch, an exercise watch will allow them to stay on top of their health without unnecessary apps. 

Air Purifier:

An air purifier is just that, it purifies the air and makes it safer and healthier to breathe, but they can come with a cost.

Top of the line air purifiers can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can also invest in a cheaper one for the main room or bedroom of the home.

A very inexpensive natural air purifier is a plant, but make sure your loved one is willing to take on maintaining a plant.

Here is an article about the best plants for those with COPD.

Breathing Exerciser:

Something like this is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their current state or was recommended by their respiratory therapist to do so.

A breathing exerciser can be found online and is perfect for improving shortness of breath and helping with endurance.

This is another thing that may seem boring to give but is perfect for those on O2.

Peak Flow Meter:

This meter is a small handheld device that measures how well air is moving out of the lungs.

Your loved one may love something like this because it allows them to stay on top of their rates and see progression or decline.

Blood Pressure Cuff:

Blood pressure cuffs can help your loved one keep on top of their health without having to make a trip to the doctor’s office.

Again, it may feel like a bad gift but it can be so helpful for those who need to keep an eye on their blood pressure.

 blood pressure cuff


Heated Blanket:

A cozy gift to give your loved one is a heated blanket, which can keep them warm throughout the winter without having to pay to heat their entire home.

Heated blankets come in all sizes and colors, allowing you to decide if they want it for bedtime or when they are watching tv on the couch.

Many heated blankets also have multiple settings, allowing your loved one to change how warm they want to be.


Another cozy gift is a new pair of house slippers, which can help keep their toes nice and warm even early in the morning or right before bed.

Motion-Activated Light:

There are many different types of indoor motion-activated lights, some can be put into a home with recessed lighting or some are battery powered, so they can go where you need the light.

There are lights available for nearly any location, it


A fun gift to give your loved ones on O2 is to get them a tablet, this can allow them to find books and read, look at the news or family pictures and play fun brain games.

The cost may vary depending on what your loved one wants out of a tablet.

If they are just wanting to read, a e-reader may be the best choice, but if they want to play games too a different tablet may be better.

motion and sound sensor for lights


As it can be difficult to shop for our loved ones during the holiday season, or any season for that matter, we prepared a guide of what give to your loved one.

It doesn’t always have to be something expensive or store-bought, inexpensive homemade gifts are a great way to give a gift without breaking the bank.

You can also get useful and practical gifts for your loved ones as it can ease a financial burden or a worry about their health.

Gift shopping doesn’t need to be complicated, which is why we put together this list to shorten the amount of time you need to spend shopping.





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